Prices Of HTC Phones At Slot Nigeria Limited

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 Slot Nigeria Limited: Knowing HTC From Foundation

Founded in 1997, HTC built its reputation as the behind-the-scenes designer and manufacturer of many of the most popular OEM-branded mobile devices on the market.  Slot Nigeria Limited

Since 2006, we have regularly introduced many critically acclaimed mobile devices under our own brand, and our portfolio includes smartphones and tablets powered by the Android or Windows Phone operating systems.

We are dedicated to enabling a customized user experience based on the belief that each mobile device needs to fit its owner, and not the other way around. What we make is not merely the product of focus group tests, but of observing and honoring how individuals choose to interact with technology. Slot Nigeria Limited

Our customers guide everything we do at HTC, and it’s this commitment that defines the company.

Success Starts Where It Ends: With the Customer

Strong recommendations from retailers, press reviews, consumer opinions, and friends and family, contribute to a high rate of product referrals, brand recognition and ongoing momentum. Combined, these recommendation channels nourish the connection between HTC and its discerning community as market share increases. And because we invest wholeheartedly in refining the personalized communications experience, we champion the customer as the hero through every stage of innovation. Slot Nigeria Limited

Dedication to Experiential, Interactive Design

A focus on product design with performance, endurance, craftsmanship, and intuitive tools and interfaces ensures an elegant experience in a beautiful, minimalist package. HTC contributes a variety of innovations that include an amazing camera — cameras that rival leading point-and-shoot models and HD video that turns mobile screens into intimate, state-of-the-art theaters. And we make authentic sound a priority — we integrate Beats technology because it’s not just the music you play that matters, but also the quality of the sound. We recognize that, for our customers, a mobile device isn’t just a smartphone but an A/V entertainment system, communications control center and important instrument of individual expression, all in one. Slot Nigeria Limited

Innovation Through Collaboration

Our longstanding working relationships with fellow technology leaders such as Google, Microsoft and Qualcomm are more than strategic partnerships: They serve as active labs of research and development and product evolution. At HTC, collaboration is a means to a very important end: creating a holistic experience for the customer. Our partnerships ensure that hardware, software, and content management and delivery systems are united in seamless and intuitive ways that give consumers control.

Empowering the Most Personal Experience

Discovering the best ways to integrate state-of-the-art technologies with effortless user experiences has always been, and will always be, our passion. New products simply enable and enhance these experiences. And when our customers share their personal experiences with our products, they speak with passion and conviction. That’s why we encourage, embrace and celebrate users sharing their perspectives. The strength of the HTC community lies in its authenticity; it’s the most accurate and honest voice of real-world understanding available. We insist on seeing through the eyes of this community, because doing so teaches, challenges and prods us to get better at what we do — empowering our customers through personal experience. Slot Nigeria Limited

Slot Nigeria Limited:

      HTC Phones                                                                              Prices

  • HTC CHACHA                                                                                           N32,000.00
  • HTC DESIRE HD                                                                                     N65,000.00
  • HTC HD7                                                                                                      N70,000.00
  • HTC SENSATION                                                                                   N70,000.00
  • HTC TOUCH DESIRE                                                                         N75,000.00
  • HTC TOUCH HD2                                                                                 N82,000.00
  • HTC WILDFIRE                                                                                    N32,000.00


Slot Nigeria Limited



Prices Of HTC Phones At Slot Nigeria Limited

Slot Nigeria Limited

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