Etisalat easy cliq ctivation Code

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EtisalatEtisalat easy cliq ctivation Code;

1. What is Easy Cliq?
Etisalat Easy Cliq is Etisalat’s latest innovative product that offers every young Nigerian lower tariffs, added flexibility and many more benefits.
2. How can I enjoy the benefits of Etisalat Easy Cliq?
Purchase an Etisalat Easy Cliq SIM, which comes in a 4-in-1 pack and is available everywhere, including Etisalat Experience Centers and from our various dealers.

You can also migrate to Etisalat Easy Cliq from your Easy Starter line.
3. What is this new 4-in-1 pack?
Etisalat Easy Cliq SIM packs come in a box that contains 4 different SIM packs. Each of the SIM packs has a different mobile number.
4. What do I benefit from buying 4 SIMs at a time?
Apart from never forgetting the phone numbers of your closest peeps, you remain sure that you and your friends are enjoying all the many benefits within the cliq.
5. Will the four mobile numbers in a box follow sequentially?
Not in all, but in most cases.
6. Can I get a special number for my Etisalat Easy Cliq SIM?
Etisalat Easy Cliq SIM packs usually come with predefined mobile numbers. However, if you will like to have a special/VIP number, kindly visit any Etisalat Experience Center. The special/VIP number will attract additional charges.
7. Is there any other benefit on Easy Cliq?
Yes. There are a number of other benefits like the special cliq rate, the off-peak rate, free midnight calls, Unlimited SMS, Data and MMS reward and Bonus on Incoming Calls.
Cliq for the Week
8. What is ‘Cliq for the Week’?
‘Cliq for the Week’ is a new service on easy cliq that offers you unbeatable benefits for your weekly recharge.
9. How do I get this service?

* The service is available by default and does not require subscription. To benefit from ‘Cliq for the Week’, all you need to do is simply recharge with at least N200 in a week. (A week of recharge starts from Monday morning at 12 midnight and ends on Sunday night at 11.59pm).
* Once your total recharge within the week is up to N200, you get an instant reward.

10. What is the reward?

* There are 3 levels of instant bonus you will get. 15MB free data, 10 free MMS and 25k/s call rate during off-peak period.
* The free MMS can only be used to other easy cliq lines.
* 25k/s is applicable on calls to other easy cliq lines during off-peak period only.

11. Must I recharge N200 at once in a week to get the benefit?
You do not necessarily need to load the N200 at once. You can recharge in small denominations or you can load N200 at once. You can also load more than N200 at once within a week. To benefit from ‘Cliq for the Week’, your recharge in a week must add up to N200..
12. Will I get more bonuses if I load multiple of N200 in a week?
No. You will get 15MB, 10 MMS and 25k/s only once in a week irrespective of the amount of recharges you load above N200 in the week..
13. Can I use my bonus anytime I want?

* Yes you can. However, both free data and free MMS granted will be valid for 7 days from the day they were granted while the off-peak rate benefit will be valid from the day it was granted till the end of the calendar week.
* For example, if Mr A completes a total recharge of N200 on Monday of a week, he gets all the benefits instantly. The free data and free MMS will be valid for 7 days but the off peak rate will be valid till the next Sunday (7 days). Meanwhile, if Mr. B loads recharges up to N200 on Friday, he gets all the benefits instantly. The free data and free MMS will be valid for 7 days but the off peak rate will be valid till the next Sunday (3 days).

14. How do I know that I have ‘Cliq for the Week‘ bonus?
To confirm that you have free ‘Cliq for the Week’ bonus, dial *232#. You will receive an SMS notification telling you the number of available free MMS you have. Also, to know the amount of your free data, dial *228#..
15. What happens to my ‘Cliq for the week’ bonus if I migrate out of easy cliq?
You will still have your free ‘Cliq for the week’ bonus if you migrate out of easy cliq. However, you will be able to use the free data only, while the free MMS will be available but cannot be used until it expires. The off-peak rate will be immediately lost upon migration..
16. Who can benefit from Cliq for the week’?

* This unbeatable proposition is available to customers on easy cliq only.
* However, Cliq for the week is not available to customers on easy starter, enuff yarn+, elite world (prepaid and postpaid).
17. Does ‘Cliq for the week’ affect the current monthly bonus offer in anyway?
Yes. ‘Cliq for the week’ is replacing the currently monthly offer because it offers more benefits to customers. So, upon launch of ‘Cliq for the week’, the monthly offer ceases. However, the accrued bonuses from the monthly offer will be available for the subscriber to use..
18. How does ‘Cliq for the week’ affect my free night call?
Apart from the monthly offer that will be replaced, ‘Cliq for the week’ has no effect on other offerings on easy cliq like free night calls, unlimited SMS, Bonus on Incoming call, Talk n share, handset bundle bonus etc. .
Cliq for the day
19. What is Cliq for the day?

* This is an opt-in tariff plan that offers discounted call rates on easy cliq lines only.
* With Cliq for the day, you will be able to enjoy discount on all calls to other easy cliq lines at a daily fee of N5.
* Upon successful payment of the daily fee (N5), you start calling other easy cliq lines for 25k/sec.

20. How does it work?

* To benefit from this tariff proposition, you need to subscribe into Cliq for the day by dialing *330*1# OR by sending ‘ON’ to 330.
* You will then receive a notification confirming the success or failure of your subscription.
* You can confirm whether you have opted into the plan or not by dialing *330# OR by sending ‘HELP’ to 330.
* To unsubscribe from Cliq for the day, dial *330*2# OR send ‘OFF’ to 330.

21. Is there any subscription fee?

* Yes. Once you successfully opt into Cliq for the day, a daily fee of N5 will be deducted from your account.
* The daily fee is automatically renewed by 12 mid-night every day.
* The subscription will fail if there is insufficient balance in your line to pay the daily fee.
* Also, the automatic daily fee renewal will fail if there is insufficient balance to pay the daily fee.
* In a case where there is insufficient balance for the auto-renewal, no deduction of daily fee will be made until subscriber has his account balance above the daily fee amount (either by recharging or receiving balance transfer). However, with the insufficient balance, subscriber can still make use of the available balance but no discount will be applicable on calls made with such balance. Example, assuming the daily fee is N5; if there is a balance of N4.95 in the customer’s account as at the time of auto-renewal, auto renewal will fail. However, calls can still be made with the balance of N4.95 but default rate of easy cliq will apply on call to other easy cliq lines (i.e. 40k/s)
* In a case where you do not use your line for a number of days (say 7 days), the daily fee will be automatically deducted as long as you have enough balance on your line. However, if there is insufficient balance on your line for the 7 days period and you decide to recharge on the 8th day, only the daily fee for the 8th day will be deducted upon recharge.

22.How will my subscription to Cliq for the day affect the current benefits I enjoy on my
line; like Cliq for the Week, Bonus on incoming calls, Unlimited SMS etc?

Your subscription to Cliq for the day has no negative effect on your current benefits. Cliq for the day offers you additional benefits of reduced call rates to other easy cliq lines.
23.If I accept Receiver Pays call after opting into Cliq for the day, how much will I be charged?

* You will be charged the normal Receiver Pays rate of 50k/s.
* The same applies to Talk n Share calls.

Etisalat easy cliq ctivation Code!

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